About the Summit

The Crossroads Cooperative Summit brings together co-op members and leaders from across the many sectors of cooperative enterprise. In just a single day, you'll get ideas that will help you and your co-op throughout the year.

How do today's cooperatives express concern for the communities in which they operate?   How do they work for the sustainable development of their communities? Principle 7 makes explicit what has been a foundation of the cooperative movement for 150 years. In essence, cooperatives are a blend of commerce and community. Community members form co-ops to obtain goods or services unavailable from the business sector or government. Co-ops employ and serve people who live in the community and unlike major corporations that frequently ship the profits off to investors, they return the fruits of the enterprise to the community.

It is not simply about "giving back to the community" or donations programs.  Co-ops have a vision of long-term, sustainable community development in which a variety of enterprises, cultural and economic, intertwine.

The 2016 Crossroads Cooperative Summit provides inspiring examples of co-op's support for helping to create and grow sustainable communities. Join us as cooperators from across the country share their inspiring stories on November 3, 2016. 

Registration opens at 8:30 am with the program concluding at 4:00 pm (lunch is provided). The Summit is being held at Indiana Farm Bureau, 225 S. East St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.